Although adventure and travel have no obvious connection to the liberation of mankind or the regeneration of the biosphere, in my life they have been related.  Caring about what happens to the natural world is inevitable once we begin to appreciate the majesty of creation, and I can see how it might be easy for those who sits inside all the time to shrug off the destruction of something that they haven't been able to appreciate directly. 

Also, exploring cities and towns, attempting to get a sense of place when I travel, helps me to find interesting stories that are more related to the social and political aspects of Permagora.  An important aspect of strategizing solutions and offering ideas as to what we could change to improve our world is paying attention to the world at present.  To listen and observe.

And finally, I just like to explore, so perhaps this whole section of the site is merely my indulgence in a lifelong fascination.  What a world this is, and I just can't help but want to drink it all in. 

Urban Photography Series

I have been going on walks through cities and towns for many years, attempting to capture the general feel of the place through photographs.  Uploading my collection onto this site is time consuming, so it's happening piece by piece. 


Adventure Travel Archives

The Featured articles above are but of a few of the stories in this collection.  Click here to see the archives of all adventure travel articles.