In Progress

Setting up a website was a lot easier the last time I did this.  I think Wordpress is much more user friendly.  I plan to sit down with someone more knowledgeable soon to set this site up like I would like.  Until then, patience please, to the few of you who may have come to see what I'm up to. 

The adventures have been continuing, and I am back logging quite a few stories that I will put up as soon as I can figure out Squarespace.  For this post, I will give a brief update on my work for Permagora Productions.  

Since 2016 began, I've been going around to events and gatherings in Southern Oregon, with a focus on local community, permaculture, agorism, and people whose lives reflect a potential solution to so many problems humanity faces.  As much as possible, I try to combine my journalism with my children's world-school education, so they come along on many of my excursions. 

Below is a list of some of the events that I've covered, which will all explored at greater length in time, with write ups, pictures, and eventually even videos in some cases.  (It will take a bit of time before I'm ready to produce videos, though I'm gathering plenty of raw footage now that I hope to later make into videos on different topics.)

  • Anarchapulco - Anarchist conference in Acapulco
  • Garden work days at Bill' and at Gateway Gardens
  • Geo-engineering presentation - Ashland
  • Circle of Children Nature Immersion Camp - Triangle Lake
  • Oregon Medical Marijuana Program public hearing, regarding new changes to the laws that made lots of people very angry
  • Pesticides and Pollinators event - Ashland
  • Seed Growers Exchange - Ashland
  • Victorian Fashion Show - Central Point
  • Bee City Ashland recognition at City Hall
  • May 20th - Anniversary Celebration for victories against big ag and GMO in Jackson County
  • Wolf Creek Easter Parade
  • Indigo Ray's Iris Party - Colestin Valley
  • Homestead files - documenting our work on the land where we currently live
  • Human and Freedom Show - Jackson Wellsprings

And that's not all that's been happening!  As much as we can we've been exploring the natural areas around here, going on outdoor adventures and hikes.  May was a really busy month with planting all of our gardens, and much of June we spent in Arizona, Utah, and Nevada, on another adventure. We had a great visit out to Freedom Ranch, the homestead project of Adam Kokesh and Macey Tomlin.  I met some really great folks out there, and I was so encouraged to see freedom minded people working together voluntarily towards the cause of building self reliance and escaping the trap of the matrix.

So look for stories on all of these things, along with some other updates that will surely come.  Thanks for patience, and thanks for tuning in to Permagora as it begins to unfold.