Proof of Jurisdiction

In the process of following the story of Adam Kokesh and his homestead adventure, I have stumbled across a really important understanding, with the help of some keen insight provided by Marc Stevens, who has been advising Adam in this case.  Marc puts hard-to-clarify but easy-to-recognize sensibilities into concrete words.  In essence, the state can't legitimately claim that it has jurisdiction over anyone. 

If you want to get a more complete picture of this, Marc says it best himself.

For those who don't know, Adam is being harassed by an entity calling itself Yavapai County.  This cabal has threatened Adam with violence and force if he doesn't pay money for services for which he has not contracted.  His advisor Marc Stevens has made a career out of helping people stay out of the trap that is the state crime syndicate and its courts.  I am only just now reading through Marc's website, and it is incredible.  Check him out, and do what you can to support Adam, who is the first property owner I've known to stand his ground and defy the county's rights to tell him what he can or can't do on his own land.  (I'm sure there are others too.  I'd love to hear from them!)

Here's a video of Marc explaining Adam's situation, with a very simple solution to handling these bureaucrats and their enforcers. 

Simply ask for proof that the laws apply.  Proving that the laws exist is easy, but proving that they apply to any individual just because he or she happens to be in the physical boundaries of the state is impossible, because this claim (i.e. that the state has the right to make laws and enforce them) is fraudulent.  There is not a shred of evidence that this is true. 

This realization is the essence of liberty, of anarchy.  The state does not have the right to aggress against peaceful people just because they grant themselves regulatory authority.  If the only time the state ever used lethal force was to defend people from aggressors who had already initiated violence or force, then they might have some claim to legitimacy, but the fact is, the state is an instrument of extortion.  They back all of their laws with the threat of lethal action, even over minor infractions.  They are criminal aggressors with costumes and rites that create the image of legitimacy.  But what is their claim (that their laws apply) based on? 

Insist on proof that the state or county or any agency has jurisdiction!  If you're actually going to do this in court, you'd better do your homework.  Know how their word magic works, and be sure you know how to handle yourself.  Get all the help you can get from professionals like Marc. 

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Resist the oppression of the state!  If all of the people who march in the streets for protests would instead (or also!) simply stop paying taxes and tickets and clog the courts with demands for proof of jurisdiction.... then we'd see some changes!