In the News

Permagora Reviews the Headlines Floating By in the News Stream

A brief rundown of what's going on in the news that catches my interest. 


California Assisted Suicide - Suicide Party

Malia Obama Smoking Weed

Hand Over Your Heart - Gabby Douglas

DEA Will Not Reschedule Cannabis

Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Resists Pipeline

Mother and Son Face Incarceration for Incest

Bernie Sanders' New House

Pentagon Loses 6.5 Trillion - the Report

The Election  - (Dick Gregory Claims there will be no election)

The Steemit Debate

Note: Many of these are sourced from mainstream news, some from sites I don't usually read.  Isaw mention of several of these stories in passing, and I didn't take all the time that I could have to check out all the coverage and find the most insightful sources on them all, but the links I provided here will at least give a frame of reference and offer some more details.