In the News - April 2017

Lots is happening out there in the world.  It's strange when I tune in to my old favorite alt media channels again (I've been away from my usual media consumption while traveling) and get a reminder of what's going on in the world at large.  Here I am, visiting ecovillages, meeting regular folks who are making real changes in their lives, and feeling pretty good about human character and resiliency, and then I find out that the US is bombing Syria, as if they just can't wait for World War 3 to finally get started.  Like it's the newest version of Halo.  (To them, I guess, it is.)

I have not been following the details or side stories of the geopolitical world, but my buddy James Corbett sums it up pretty well, as always.

War Drums Are Beating

At Permagora, we try to focus on positive stories, discussing actions that we can all take to do something about all the terrible things we see happening elsewhere, outside of our own sphere of influence.  Not to say that it's not important to stay informed, and we definitely need hound dogs in the alt media to sniff through global current events and keep us up to speed on what the criminals who run the world are doing.  But my work is keep an eye on the B team, the We team, the folks out there who are saying to hell with all this crap.  I'm growing a garden.  I'm moving my money out of the banks, turning off the TV, and turning instead to my neighbors and friends. 

Gangster Gardening

Like Ron Finley.  Gangsta Gardening.  "Growing your own food is like printing your own money."  I discovered Ron a year or two ago, and I think he's doing cutting edge work.  In the history books that I plan to write, Ron Finley and many others like him will be lead characters.  Guys like Trump and Kim Jong will be side notes.  A good article about Ron and his garden in Los Angeles can be found at - Why Growing Food is the Single Most Impactful Thing You Can Do in a Corrupt Political System.

Agrihood in Detroit

I have been hearing for a while about urban farming projects happening in Detroit also, a city whose general collapse has made it ripe for permaculture and agorism.  I recently learned more details about a project taking place there called the Michigan Urban Farm Initiative, which is exactly the kind of thing we're talking about here.  Voting means little to nothing.  Plant food forests and restoring wasted land is how we change our world. (A good article about the Agrihood concept can be found at the Hearty Soul website.) 


The Mental Illness of Destroying Our Spaceship

While working on a presentation about permaculture and agorism I'll be doing in DC, I dug up an old video that I've shared on FB before, but that remains highly relevant to us yet.  David Suzuki is just the sort of radical thinker that the world needs, though it's funny that something so simple as what he's saying is considered radical.  If you haven't seen this clip, I highly recommend it!


Hate Vs. Compassion

Here's a fun story from the mainstream.  At some white supremacy demonstration in England, a lady named Saffiyah Khan intervened when a bunch of dudes were surrounding another woman.  Rather than tear into them with indignity or malice, she kept her cool and just kept smiling as the man began to rant.  The incident was photographed and the pictures went viral, as a symbol for love being stronger than hate.  Yes please!  More smiling and kindness and less vitriol and vinegar would really do the social justice movement some good.

(Huff Post story about Saffiyah Khan)



Man Dragged Off Plane

I'm sure you've seen this story.  Just goes to show what happens when you force involuntary situations on people.  Three out of four may just accept their lot, but all it takes is one to raise a big stink and become a huge embarrassment. 

Nerds Beat Boxing in the Hood

This one came out a while back, but I consider it a good news story.  And man, that guy's got some serious skills.

That's all I've got for now.  I'm still not very connected to the flow of info while I'm on the road, so that's just my random sampler.  In time, I hope to do more regular headline perusing as a feature, but I'm building this thing stone by stone.