A Conversation With Darrell of the Glowhouse

While I was in Washington DC, I was stayed at the Glowhouse, an intentional community in the city.  Darrell was my host, and he was a really awesome guy to get to know.  He owns the house, and he has turned it into a scene for Burners and an intentional community.  A three story house with a basement, the Glowhouse is a combination of a residence, an Airbnb, a couch surfing scene, and a venue for events. 

I talked with Darrell about permaculture, agorism, and voluntary society, and he was all on board with almost everything I was laying down.  Darrell was a good listener, taking the time to sit down and listen to my vision, giving me excellent feedback.  We talked about the fishing licenses, and some limits on what people can do to nature or take out of nature.  A free for all would really destroy the last of what is left. 

And, for the record, a free for all is not what we are envisioning when we speak of a stateless society.  Law enforcement and maintenance of infrastructure will continue to be prioritized.  The only difference is that the ‘state’ no longer has the right to use violence, arrest, or any kind of force in cases of civil infractions.  Only an aggression with a victim can be called a crime.  For actual crimes, we most certainly have law enforcement, though their training (in the voluntaryist version) includes mediation, peacemaking, and persuasion.  As well as martial arts.  In most cases, though, violence is not even needed. 

But I digress.  I had a great conversation about the whole idea of community and changing the way the world works, and Darrell had many insights.  I was glad to get to chat with him on camera for a bit about such things.  We also covered Burning Man, Bitcoin, and how the blockchain could be used to serve almost all the functions we currently rely on government agencies to oversee.  The interview is well worth checking out!  Darrell has really got a good sense of the big picture, and he seems to be right in the middle of the new culture that’s growing through the cracks of the broken system.  The more of us that hold the vision, the more it takes root in reality.  So keep on dreaming of the kind of world you would like to see!